The Memory Garden

We all have old family and friend photos that are touchstones of memory. Our human family members as well as the animals we have loved over the years.

I love to make these memories and your own photos of beloved family members, human and pets, as small, practical, artful gifts of coaster sets.  Gifts that literally keep on giving with each use. Most of the time these photos have been tucked away in albums we rarely look at or the best of them are behind glass on a wall in our house.  Walls that probably don’t have space for one more photo.   I bring your favorite, precious photos out of the albums and off the walls into daily artful use as coasters.

People who have bought some of my work have found multiple uses for the coasters.  Some have put just one coaster in their bag, like a photo, when going on a trip but confident that it won't get crushed or wrinkled in the bag. One friend, going to the hospital for surgery, put a single coaster in his jacket so he could have it for good luck during his hospital stay. Others have put it on a small easel on a bureau.  And, yes, many use them as coasters, too!

I think there are many ways to use these small (4in x4in) portable memories.

I've included examples from my own family archive to give you ideas on how to look through your own albums. For the pet members of families, I've included some examples of those photos as well. I celebrate people, places, homes, even favorite songs.

This is a gift of love for most of my clients, gifts of special connection and treasured memory for friends, family, so I want you to be 100% satisfied and that is why we'll communicate after your photo is uploaded as well as during the retouching process.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

The Memory Garden

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