Farmer's Market Inspired Serving Trays| Cutting Boards

The beauty, textures and colors of Farmer’s Market's produce and flowers inspired these serving trays | cutting boards made from tempered glass and printed here in the USA. 

My images of carrots, eggplants, hot peppers, artichokes, and hydrangeas are made into practical, artful forms that bring the bounty of Mother Nature into your home 12 months a year.  Your hors d'oeuvres look even more appetizing served on these trays and if you have to spend time chopping and preparing foods before your guests arrive, these cutting boards can lift your spirits.

They are durable and can be machine washed but a damp cloth is all I have needed to clean them up.

This item is the SMALL size tray|board and is 11" x 8.5". There is a larger size, 11.25 x 15.5" that is listed separately.

Farmer's Market Inspired Serving Trays| Cutting Boards

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